How It Works

WordBloom makes Bible study easier by linking many trusted resources into one view on one page.

You can see your Bible study like you have never seen it before. No more going back and forth from one window, tab or pane to another. Our Paneless Technology links, connects and displays every resource (the way your brain does) on one page at one time.

Word Study

There are two ways to do a word study:

  • Enter a word or words in the search box
  • Click on any word in the Bible study bloom

Once you have selected a word, a bloom will be built linking all word resources together. That’s right, the original language, definitions and commentaries about that word, along with every verse in every selected version, will be displayed. Verses are displayed for each active Bible version to the left of the bloom.

Getting Started Word In Midle

You can also click on any definition and WordBloom will build a new bloom around the Hebrew or Greek definition showing all of the verses in which the original Hebrew or Greek word occur. Both the word in middle and definition in middle are the equivalent of a visual, Biblical thesaurus.

Getting Started Def in Middle

Verse Study

There are two ways to learn more about a verse:

  • Enter a verse in the search box
  • Click on any verse in any bloom
  • Click on any verse in any Bible version

Once you have selected a verse, a WordBloom will be built linking all verse resources together. That’s right, the original language, definitions, cross references, encyclopedias and commentaries about that verse, will be displayedalong with the verse in every selected version.


Getting Started Verse in Middle

Other Resources in the Middle

There are many other resources, cross references, topics and commentaries shown for every verse and word. When you click them, WordBloom moves them to the middle and builds a new bloom. Here is a cross-reference topic in the middle.


Getting Started TSK in Middle

It’s Your Tool - Customize It!

You can customize almost anything that you want or need, including:

  • Choosing 2D or 3D word or verse mapping. 3D actually helps some people study by bringing certain study items front and center. Others prefer the "printed" look of the 2D interface because you can see every item at once.
  • Turning on or off tools or resources. When resources are turned off, their related items are not displayed in the bloom or the sidebars. This allows you to customize the look and design of your study tool while using your favorite resources.
  • Resizing any sidebar, border or region.  You can make your favorite Bible version take up all of the Bible area by dragging the other versions closed.


Getting Started 3D Verse


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